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Avoiding repeated code across all my GitHub Pages

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What is this place?

Don't you just hate it when you have several GitHub pages for your projects that are all supposed to share the same layout, then you go and tweak the layout a bit, forcing you to update the changes and rebuild every single project page?

Since you cannot inherit Jekyll projects from another project, this at least helps soften the blow.

The CSS, JavaScript, and images are all stored here (and accessed via absolute URLs [1] [2]), so if you update them once, the changes will propagate to all pages that use them. The changes to _layouts, _includes, and _plugins are only a git merge away from being updated in (but this is still very manual, and annoying, and needs to be done for every single project you want the change applied to).

This isn't the best solution

GitHub staff (and/or Jekyll authors), if you are reading this, please let us allow Jekyll projects/GitHub Pages to inherit from other other projects, so if the "parent" updates, all children that are affected rebuild. Alas, I imagine this may be taxing on the GitHub Pages build servers, but at least I can dream this feature will one day be added.


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